Customer Safety

Remembering that our customers safety is paramount

The global COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way we all do business. Continuing to operate safely and maintaining social distancing are processes that have had to find their way into how BDS Operate

We've noticed numerous sites experiencing faults especially from water leaks that are maybe not reported as quickly as usual, due to lower occupational levels within buildings. These have required us to react swiftly and professionally despite the obvious barriers associated with the pandemic.

All engineers have been equipped with sufficient PPE, adhere to new internal COVID-19 policies, and are well read on government guidance.

In what we believe to be a real act of initiative, and to counteract the minimized public transport services, BDS have purchased two 3-wheel mopeds that can be used on a full driver’s license. We believe this offers us greater flexibility in attending emergency call outs and allows us to travel independently, thus minimizing the risk to all. If the idea works, we will look into purchasing more of these vehicles.

As are all, BDS are closely monitoring the fast, ever-changing environment we find ourselves in.
We believe that it is paramount that we continue to provide all our usual services and maintain normality in, what certainly are abnormal times.

Do you have questions or perhaps need some more information on any of our safe working practises? Please don't hesitate to call us on 0208 773 3377 orĀ email us here, no question or enquiry is too large or too small..