Our support ethos and promise to you

Our website explains our capabilities, expertise and experience, I also want to give you our commitment...

The industry we operate in, works under comprehensive guidelines that sets out our responsibilities to you as the client and us as the supplier of equipment, services and consultation

We understand our industry

Our Five Aims are to…

To Protect Life - To Protect Property - To Prevent Fire - To Detect Fire - To Suppress Fire

Our Five objectives & understandings

For Design - knowing the advice you are getting is correct and compliant is paramount

For Projects - Adhering to the specification and meeting deadlines is paramount

For Maintenance - being on top of scheduled visits and providing the correct paper work is paramount

For Emergencies - being available 24/7 and understanding urgency is paramount

For Customer Retention - knowing that the customer is King is paramount

My senior managers, Engineers, staff & I promise to keep these Five Aims, Objectives & understandings always at the forefront of what we are aiming to achieve

If it ever goes off track you will see a response based on responsibility and ownership

Our Managers are available 24 / 7 there will always be an escalation process available

You can depend on BDS

K J Blyde

Kevin Blyde MD

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